Welcome to the ACC


Welcome to the ACC

Welcome to the New Army Catering Corps Unofficial web site. Just a few tips to get you started, if you are a Ex member and want to be found or are looking for a friend please register on the message boards, when you register please use a name others will recognise and leave an email address to be contacted through. Don’t send email through Guest book it wont work. Please do not publish your email address on the site unless you want a ton of spam, email addresses in the profile section and when you register on the boards are hidden and safe from spammers.

Please check the Guest book if you have an entry there, recently there have been a few comments left, and maybe someone is trying to contact you.

For the people who have visited before there have been some changes in the Boards area, we now have a system of ranks, related to the number of posts you make, there are new themes to choose from, and a whole load of new avatars. You can access all this through the profile link on the Boards, if you need any help just email me.

This is the unofficial web site of the Army catering Corps. This site came about because I was looking for some old comrades and found only one site that really was any help, all the other sites wanted money out of me, so I thought why not go ahead and make my own site.

I am proud to have served in the Army Catering Corps the training and experience I gained have stood me in good stead So much so that now I run a large Catering and Hotel company. It also occurred to me that there is a wealth of catering experience floating around out there with no proper forum to meet and discuss. So from this idea this site grew.

The site is for you please feel free to contribute or suggest new ideas. If you have experience with web design or writing and want to help please email me. I look back with fondness at my time in the Corps even working in the field, by the way did anyone ever find a way to keep clean when using a burner?

It would be great if you could submit your photos, anything Catering Corps related, I would like to hear your tales and stories where did you serve? are you looking for an old friend? I hope this will be the site where you will find them. I will publish all suitable material on the site.

Its a shame that a great Corps like ours was, does not have an official web site where Members and friends can meet up chat and talk about old times, that’s why I started this site I don’t want the Corps to just fade silently away. So come on you lot this is your site use it lets build a community online talk over old time’s make new friends and share a laugh or two.



  1. Jon O'Gara says:

    Does anyone know David Wood
    Or served with him. NI Bosnia and 1st Gulf
    I think he was attached to RA
    Thanks Guys

  2. paul baverstock says:

    hello,im trying to find any details on my friends father who he says served in ww2 and then in the catering corps.the persons name im trying to locate is a myrddin kenneth burt,from the forest of dean gloucestershire.i would be gratefull if any one could help me.kind regards
    paul baverstock

  3. Would like to contact Alan Barclay
    Royal Catering Corps.
    Used to ride Honda 4-500cc UK Rallies.
    Member of 171 club Manchester.
    Old friend wish’s to contact him.
    Rode together to a Belgium Rally.
    Tony Cornick MZ250.

  4. Janet says:

    Hi would anyone know an Arthur Allison who used to be married to a Sally Smith from Lisburn, N.I

  5. Harry Moore says:

    Ian Davis acc with 101rmp dusseldorf1967 , where are you mate. From Harry Moore.

  6. Ina Mackie says:

    Hi there does anyone remember Neil Schofield 1964 to 1986

  7. colin cruden says:

    i did my b2/b1 cooking certification in aldershot and went for a chef job but was told that the certification was a waste of time and useless

    • Brian says:

      A lot of employers I have dealt with, recognise them. In fact a lot of commercial catering companies will actually prefer Ex army chefs. Thats my experience anyway.

      • STEVEN HAMPTON says:

        I totally agree.When I was appraising applicants for a position and they were ex ACC they were ahead of the rest.

  8. John Dootson says:

    Looking for Pete Barton John Noonan and Alan Colman

    • Pete Ostle says:

      Hi John

      Don’t know if you remember me Pete Ostle served with KOSB in Osnabruck I think you were with engineers remember John Noonan Pete Barton seems familiar but after Osnabruck didnt bump into them hope all is going well with you.

  9. Alison Middle says:

    Hi, i’m trying to find out more about my husband Edward Middle, who passed away on 31st July and was a warrant officer in the late 80s and early 90s – he never talked much about his time in the army but i’d like to know more. Thanks

    • Michael Collins says:

      Hi Alison,

      So sorry to hear of your loss. I was an apprentice chef in 1981-1983 in St Omer and Eddie was my first ever Sergeant, I looked up to him and was pleased to see later in my career that he was a Warrant Officer.

      I would be happy to share some stories, I was 16 -18 at the time so he was an inspiration to us all..

      Take care Michael x

    • John Launders says:

      I was in ACC in 1976 and knew of a Corporal Middle, I can only assume that he made his way up through the ranks
      He was a top bloke and helped us guys a lot

  10. Chris clark says:

    Looking for Dennis Alan Smith served at Aldershot 1970 then went on to detmold from 74/77 thanks

  11. Sharon Pashby says:

    Hi, looking for any of the following who I trained with at St Omer in 1977, Robert Milton, Janet Sharpe, Lorraine Prebble, Kay Barry or Anita Sedgewick.

  12. peter clowes says:

    Peter Clowes
    is it possible to obtain past group photos of intakes, at Ramillies StOmar Aldershot .I would like to obtain group photo of intake number ,
    5322 taken in nov/dec 1953 , jan/feb 1954,?????

  13. Lynne Harvey says:

    Hi, i”m Lynne my dad Howard Conrad Harvey would like to get in touch with any cooks who served in Malta,1962-1964 we lived in Sliema Birkirkara road, I believe he was stationed at Mtarfa. He was in 50 missile regiment royal artillery in Menden Sauerland during the period of December 1964-1966. Also 4 div regiment RCT in Duisburg 1967-1969.Then his last posting to England Colchester Roman way Barracks 1970-1973.After opening his own restaurant in Clacton on sea Essex, Dad is enjoying his retirement with my mum Sheila.

  14. Mick says:

    Looking for anyone from 8 squad 1971 my name mick hanlon

  15. Mick says:

    I was at st Omar bus 1971 8 squad would love to hear from anyone who.rembers zen the twins Duncan Adams etc

  16. Melvyn (jacko)jackson says:

    Anyone that was in sqad 24/25 feb 1965 and there was a few lofty.taffy.Donald galor.Bill naylor

  17. Melvyn (jacko)jackson says:

    Send an email be glad to hear from you

  18. Dan says:

    Not sure if anyone served with Paul Andrews (RMAS) (Germany) – he passed away in March 2017. Any pictures or info would be great.
    I have a photo of the ACC football team vs APTC (1984) here

  19. Taff rainey (REME) says:

    does anyone know Jimmy Simpson from Portsmouth served with 4th field ambulance in catterick Yorkshire during 1967-1970

  20. andy harding says:

    looking for any cooks who were at beahley camp 1974/1978

  21. mac says:

    trying to track down the female jock chef attached to 1st A&SH in Minden, 1990 1991

  22. Richard beresford says:

    Looking for Roy Scutt from Portsmouth served together at bramcock barracks 1975

  23. Adam Newton says:

    I support a man with Dementia who I recently found out was in the Army Catering Corps. We found a certificate addressed to: 24811512 Pte E W Whitemen dated 1988.
    If anyone knows an Ernest William Whitemen, from that era, then please contact me. It would be great to get more information about this man and possibly create a memory book for him that includes pictures or stories from his past.
    Thank you.

  24. Barry Safhill says:

    Hi my name is Barry Safhill served in 5 RTR tranfered to ACC served in Borneo 1966 then RCT Ripon Engineers Ripon Fusilers Strensall MCTC Colchester would like anyone to get in touch thanks

  25. Samantha Jayne Friar says:

    Does anyone remember Rex Anthony Friar (Tony)
    He was here in the mid to late 1960s.
    He was a great chef.
    I’m his Grandaughter so I had good food.

    Thank you

  26. george f knowles says:

    i would like to hear from from any one who did training at st omer and cyprus 56/58 i made a lot of friends and would like to hear from you scouse the butcher and ron woolgar were are you

  27. andy harding says:

    john Thompson, I would like to get in touch, pls send email

  28. Mick Smith (Smiffy) says:

    Any old G&H squads (Joined March 1963) still around? I would love to hear how you have/are getting on!

  29. Jacky lewis says:

    In trying to contact Andy Harding ‘ Dustin Hoffman and John thompson I was in beechly camp and know as taff lewis you can contact me on my wife’s email addres

  30. Jacky lewis says:

    Im trying to contact Dustin Hoffman Andy Harding and John Thompson i was known as Roger Taff lewis
    You an contact me on .y wife’s emil address

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