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Dear All!! More folk are asking about the polo tops! Feel free to send me a PM and I will send out details. Please don’t say you require one, then forget about paying! I only order if payment received and up to now have sold 110! Delivery period is generally around 28 days, owing to collecting orders then getting them from the printers!! I’m just the middle man who ensures they are all ordered and posted out to you guys! (I’m quite liking the Navy Blue now) 🙂


Vote for Geoff Arcot Please for the Craft Guild Of  Chef Awards

You may not be aware but Geoff Acott one of four nominees for the People’s Choice Award at this year’s Craft Guild of Chefs Awards. This award is based solely on the number of votes cast on the Craft Guild of Chefs Website. If you feel, as I do, it is time Geoff got some recognition for his outstanding efforts on behalf of all military caterers can I urge you to take the time now to visit the site, link below, and cast your vote. Can I also ask you to bomb blast out to your military contacts worldwide so that Geoff can get as many votes as possible. Thank You


A short biography of Geoff courtesy of the ACC P & P Website:

Geoff was one of the founding members of the ACC & RLC (Past & Present) Sergeants’ Association and since it’s formation in 1985 there has not been a year that he has not held a position on the Association’s management committee. Geoff is currently the Association’s Secretary, an appointment he has held continually since 1999, and also the Associations Treasurer.

It is fair to say that if it wasn’t for Geoff’s tireless efforts in conducting the day to day management and single handedly organising many of the P&P annual events the Association would not be in as a robust state as it is now. Geoff personally manages all the arrangements for the annual “ACC All Ranks Reunion Weekend”.  Geoff’s contribution to the P&P and the ACC Association, through his position on the ACC Association Executive Council, is without parallel. He is a doer, a planner and makes things happen when all around just stand looking on with their hands in their pockets.

Geoff is a current member of the Hotelympia team of judges and has been a member of the International Jury for both the Culinary Olympics and the Culinary World Cup since 1992. He is member of the International Military Culinary Organisation (IMCO) and is a Technical Adviser to the Combined Services Culinary Arts Team Management Group (CSCATMG). He has recently judged at both the Hans Bueschkens Trophy and the inaugural Global Chefs Challenge final in Dubai.

He is a Governor of the Craft Guild of Chefs. He has been Chairman of the Midlands Division of the Cookery and Food Association and Chairman of the Surrey Division of the Craft Guild of Chefs. He is a member of the Craft Guild of Chefs Executive Committee and is currently the National Treasurer for the Guild. He has, for the last 3 years, been a member of the WACS Culinary Guidelines Committee

Geoff has recently retired from his post as a Higher Instructional Officer in the Headquarters Defence Food Services School, Worthy Down and is currently working on improving his golf handicap with the ACC Golf Society



Welcome to the ACC

Welcome to the New Army Catering Corps Unofficial web site. Just a few tips to get you started, if you are a Ex member and want to be found or are looking for a friend please register on the message boards, when you register please use a name others will recognise and leave an email address to be contacted through. Don’t send email through Guest book it wont work. Please do not publish your email address on the site unless you want a ton of spam, email addresses in the profile section and when you register on the boards are hidden and safe from spammers.

Please check the Guest book if you have an entry there, recently there have been a few comments left, and maybe someone is trying to contact you.

For the people who have visited before there have been some changes in the Boards area, we now have a system of ranks, related to the number of posts you make, there are new themes to choose from, and a whole load of new avatars. You can access all this through the profile link on the Boards, if you need any help just email me.

This is the unofficial web site of the Army catering Corps. This site came about because I was looking for some old comrades and found only one site that really was any help, all the other sites wanted money out of me, so I thought why not go ahead and make my own site.

I am proud to have served in the Army Catering Corps the training and experience I gained have stood me in good stead So much so that now I run a large Catering and Hotel company. It also occurred to me that there is a wealth of catering experience floating around out there with no proper forum to meet and discuss. So from this idea this site grew.

The site is for you please feel free to contribute or suggest new ideas. If you have experience with web design or writing and want to help please email me. I look back with fondness at my time in the Corps even working in the field, by the way did anyone ever find a way to keep clean when using a burner?

It would be great if you could submit your photos, anything Catering Corps related, I would like to hear your tales and stories where did you serve? are you looking for an old friend? I hope this will be the site where you will find them. I will publish all suitable material on the site.

Its a shame that a great Corps like ours was, does not have an official web site where Members and friends can meet up chat and talk about old times, that’s why I started this site I don’t want the Corps to just fade silently away. So come on you lot this is your site use it lets build a community online talk over old time’s make new friends and share a laugh or two.